We Take Pride in Providing our Customers With the Best Authentic Antique Wood Available


We turn this wood into beautiful flooring!


We specialize in reclaimed antique wide plank flooring, recycled from historic buildings, built in and around the turn of the century. We can help you to compliment your home, office or place of business with our hand hewn beams, antique weathered siding and rustic wood paneling.

We strive for excellence in the provision of reclaimed lumber building materials to help our customers to obtain and install the finest antique wood flooring and paneling available. Our site will inform you of our products (types of antique wood) we usually keep in stock.

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Our most popular requested item is a brochure. Please call us for the latest pricing. We’d like to be able to provide customers who are in a hurry with the option to download an electronic copy of our brochure. Just follow this link: Download a brochure.

You can learn a great deal about the reclaimed wood flooring business from our antique woods presales information. We want you, our customer, to be able to make a safe and informed buying decision.

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